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This year our 12,5 year wedding anniversary is coming up. Time really flies! 
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Art and well-covered nudes

In this January's Quest Magazine there was an article about big women and the love of painters like Rubens for well-covered women. There was also an opportunity to win tickets for the exhibition 'Rubens, Van Dyck & Jordaens. Flemish painters from the Hermitage' in the Hermitage in Amsterdam and I won!!

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We had a lovely time at the museum and I know I'd like to visit more exhibitions.



This past Friday it finally snowed here in the Netherlands. That's a first this winter. Although it causes massive traffic jams and other problems on the roads, I do love snow. The world is so beautiful covered in snow. Luckily we didn't have anywhere to go Friday (except for buying new winter shoes for me and doing groceries), so I could really enjoy the snow. Yesterday we took the photo camera for a trip outside because I love taking snow pictures. Especially castles in the snow.

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Today we're having an exciting trip to the province of Friesland. Maybe I can take more snow pictures on our trip.


Baking day

Okay so I've been neglecting LiveJournal. Blogging is just not the thing that comes to mind when I think of something to do. I want to change that in the new year (oh wow, I suddenly do have a new year's resolution, yeeek! LOL). See, I had a super Christmas for once in my life, but sadly I forget to blog it here. My friend Marijke however inspires me to blog more and I get ideas from her what to blog about. If you like, you can read her blog here. She's totally into Blogspot, but for one reason or the other I just like LiveJournal more. :-)

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Funny wines

First of all let me tell you that I'm not a good critic at all. I can usually tell you what I like or don't like, but can't give too many intelligent comments on why I like or don't like something. :-D Still I'd like to blog a bit about wines since I discovered something neat.

My husband and I like wines, but we are no connoisseurs and we found ourselves in the supermarket looking at a lot of wines and wondering which one to choose. So we decided to make a decision based on the label. :-) And looking at all the labels, we saw that some wines have funny names and thus we have a new hobby: tasting wines with funny names.


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PS: I am Dutch, so if anyone reads something funny in my blogs please let me know. :-D



Yesterday we went to the summer ball Sarabande in Belgium. It was super! We had a really fun time. It was the second time the ball was held, but the atmosphere was much better than the first one. The location, Castle of Poeke, is awesome. That's one castle I'd like to have. :-) The rooms are small, but that gives the ball a cosy feeling, although it's sometime a bit too small. I don't mind though, it belongs to an event like Sarabande in my opinion.

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I know, it's nearly weekend again, but we had a fun weekend this past one! On Thursday it was Ascension Day, so the office was closed and it was also closed on Friday. We read on Facebook a while ago that a friend of ours was looking for extra's for a film shoot on Ascension Day, but at first I didn't feel like going. What business did I have at a film set? But as Thursday drew nearer, I suddenly decided "why not?" It might be fun and we didn't have anything else to do. So went to the city of Hilversum that Thursday afternoon, not knowing what to expect exactly. Luckily there we immediately saw some friends of ours standing there and there even was a person responsible for extra's. We were also made clear what was expected of us, so that was nice. We had to queue up in front of city hall and we even had to cheer. :-D It was really fun to participate but also to have a look behind the scenes. Okay, the majority of the time consists of waiting, but that's not too bad. In that time you can chat with people and have a drink, which was also provided.

Later on, we were asked to come to the film set on Friday too. We had to be approved and we passed (yay!) so we decided to show up on Friday as well. After the filming on Thursday, we went for drinks with the whole crew. Because of the first year wedding anniversary of friends of ours, we went out to eat in the evening with a small group of friends. That was really entertaining and fun also! Nice food, lovely company: what more can a person want? Well, a bed because it was already getting kind of late. :-D 

So on Friday we went back to Hilversum. Again: it was really nice to have a look behind the scenes and it was also fun to do. And yes, again a lot of waiting but that really didn't bother me. We were actually needed a lot more than I'd expected. This time there was a little queue, but that's all I'm allowed to say about it. You'll have to wait until the film is released. That would be probably in August 2011. I can tell you that the movie's called "Fine" and it's a short feel good movie. Imagine that: me in a feel good movie. Who'd have ever thought it? ROFL I'll keep you posted as soon as I know more. 

After filming no dinner this time, but a quick McDonald's and off to another fun appointment: final corset fitting! It's really beautiful and it fitted perfectly (as expected) so I could take it home! Wooohooo! So now I've got a new beautiful green underbust corset which is totally comfortable. All my corsets are comfortable, but this one just feels better and I really love it. It's almost a real shame I'm a victoriana and mostly wear my corset beneath my clothing. But I've also chosen this colour because I sometimes do wear the corset on top of the bodice and I have a beautiful dress to wear it on. :-) Can't wait to show it off, but I have to wait a little while longer for the first event again. Maybe we'll be going to Midzomer Fair (Mid summer Fair) but I'm not sure. If we go, I'm surely going to wear the corset and the dress. 

So be patient, more updates and photo's coming as soon as possible. 

Illness sucks

Being ill sucks. I can't remember ever having a 40 degrees Centigrade fever, but now I know what it feels like. I went to work feeling very blah and having a huge cold on Monday. Then before it was lunchtime I decided I wanted to go home and get rest. This didn't work. And indeed: working with a 40 degrees Centigrade fever doesn't work. :-) The only thing I did this past week is sleep. Albert was there to wake me up, take my temperature, let me drink and eat something and give me some Hot Coldrex, which is a lot of Vitamine C and aspirin. He even went to his parents to get the airconditioning to get me to cool down. Really great, I'd been freezing cold the whole morning and in the afternoon I went up in flames. 

The next day my fever dropped a little, but still I couldn't get out of bed. Yesterday I went to the doctor and he heard some noise in my lungs so I got antibiotics and finally after taking those and having some more sleep I felt a little better. Today I went outside for the first time this week. I thought it would do me good to go with Albert to the animal park. I didn't do anything besides walking around and looking at the animals, but that was still too much. I felt a bit dizzy and weak and when I got home, I wanted to go to sleep right away again. So I'm taking it really easy the rest of this week. I hate feeling this way so I hope I'll be totally better next week.



I've found a new hobby: cycling. It's really relaxing and fun. We've been cycling for about 2 weeks now or so and much to my surprise I really like it. I like it so much that I even do it after work to relax. Yesterday we went to the woods and that was so nice. We passed a look-out so we could see a vast plain with cows, horses and even deer. Later on, we saw a deer closer to us through the trees. Being surrounded by nature is so relaxing, it beats the internet. :-D I hope I'll be able to show some pictures of the things we've seen soon.



Yeah okay, so having a paid account doesn't help me use LJ more than I'd like to. LOL Maybe I should get my ass off Facebook once in a while, but hey: what about the animals on my farm and stuff? :-D Anyway, here's finally another update.

On 29 March I finally had that profile shoot I've been wanting to do for so long. On my business twitter account I saw a photographer (www.spiley.com) whose work really appealed to me because she wants to bring out the good in a person and capture that on photo. She also has workshops to learn how to get comfortable with/behind the camera. Maybe I'll try this workshop once to get more comfortable with myself also.

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On these pictures you can also see how long my hair has grown. I'm really happy with the result, but now I have to learn how to create nice hairdo's.

I really enjoyed the shoot and I love how the photo's turned out. I was also asked to write a little something for her website, so I guess thinking about what to write is my next move. It's so cool that she asked me!